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Ron Rockwell Hansen

Ron Rockwell Hansen

Ron Rockwell Hansen

Ron Rockwell Hansen

Ron Rockwell Hansen, age 58 and a resident of Syracuse, Utah and a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer was apprehended on Saturday June 2, 2018 while on a flight to China. According to authorities Hansen was carrying classified information that he planned on handing over to the Chinese Government.

Hansen was taken into custody while on his way to China, according to The Justice Department.

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer has been charged with selling U.S. secrets to China in exchange for at least $800,000 dollars.

Hansen was fluent in Mandarin and Russian, he was recruited in 2006 to work for the DIA as a case officer, someone who recruits and manages foreign agents.

Between 2013 and 2016, Hansen was deep in financial trouble with debts of several hundred thousand dollars. Hansen stated that he often received cash from China that he would carry back to the U.S.

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